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Bending center for fully automatic sheet metal processing

  • High degree of bending automation. Ideal for the processing of job lists and for varying jobs, from small batch sizes right through to large series
  • Save time and process bending parts with high precision. 7-axis robot with a high load capacity offers maximum flexibility and precision during the bending process. Even when bending heavy parts, this enables jobs to be processed fully automatically and without errors
  • High level of availability thanks to modular design. Depending on the set-up, the Bending Cell offers bending lengths of up to 4 meters, robot load capacities up to 270 kilograms, and ample material storage capacities and a generous tool magazine
  • Comprehensive automation concept from a single source. Bystronic provides the press brake, the automation system, customer service, and comprehensive guidance
  • Convenient offline programming of bending jobs. Subsequently, ByVision Bending allows the data to imported in a simple process without interrupting the current bending job


wdt_ID Xpert 100–320 New column
1 حداکثر اندازه یک پارت ca. 3000 x 1500 mm
2 حداکثر وزن یک پارت ca. 200 kg
3 حداکثر بار 270 kg
4 حداقل ضخامت ورق ca. 0,7 mm
5 طول پلتفرم 5–8 m
6 Max. plate stack ca. 700 mm
7 جداکثر ارتفاع Stack قطعات نهایی ca. 1200 mm
8 حداکثر ظرفیت ابزارها ca. 37 m
9 تعداد ایستگاه های گیریپر 5–8