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The all-rounder for XXL formats up to 12 × 2.5 meters

  • Even large parts up to 12 m in length are processed precisely and economically
  • Up to 60 square meters of sheet metal can be loaded onto the machine. Jobs can be processed that are outside the range of competitors’ standard systems
  • The working area is fully accessible, both during sheet metal and tube and profile processing
  • Clear view of the entire working area, even during the cutting process
  • High laser power for the economical processing of thick sheet metal


wdt_ID Bystar L 4025-65 4025-80 4025-120
1 حداکثر اندازه ورق 6500 × 2500 mm 8000 × 2500 mm 12000 × 2500 mm
2 حداکثر سرعت موقعیت یابی بصورت پیوسته 85 m/min 85 m/min 85 m/min
3 واحد کنترل دستی و عملیات ByVision cutting X X X
4 قطر دایره ی بازوی چرخان 15–315 mm 15–315 mm 15–315 mm


In order to enhance the degree of automation in process, specific machines are produced and will help you to increase your production. here are some machines:

Proven solution for efficient sheet metal handling.


Flexible solution for the loading and unloading of laser cutting systems.