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Modular automation for loading and unloading laser cutting systems

  • Automation tailored for every need. The ByTrans Cross loading and unloading system can be expanded in modular fashion at any time
  • Great flexibility and availability. Short loading cycles move a lot and unburden the operator
  • Complete accessibility of the laser cutting system, for ByTrans Cross enables automated material handling in the smallest space
  • Everything on a touch screen. Integrated operation of the automation via operator terminal of the laser cutting system
  • Handle material gently and sort it cleanly. Automatic large parts removal and selection of residual sheets


wdt_ID ByTrans Cross 3015 4020
1 اندازه ورق 3000 × 1500 mm 4000 × 2000 mm
2 ضخامت ورق (بارگیری) 0.8–25 mm 0.8–20 mm
3 ضخامت ورق (تخلیه بار) 0.8–25 mm 0.8–20 mm
4 حداکثر وزن ورق 980 kg 1340 kg
5 تعداد بارگیرها (carriage) 2 2
6 حذف قطعات بزرگ x x
7 جایگذاری جداکنده های محافظ x x