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Automation solutions optimize material flow, improve machine use and increase work and process reliability. The building blocks are modular so that the degree of automation can be adapted at a later date. The solutions range from simple handling to fully automatic operation.

wdt_ID سیستم های برش لیزر Byloader ByTrans ByTrans Extended ByTrans Cross BySort* ByTower** BytransLine BytransCross
1 ByStar Fiber 3015 X X X X X X X
2 ByStar Fiber 4020 X X X X
3 BySprint Fiber 3015 X X X X X X
4 BySprint Fiber 4020 X X X X
5 BySprint Fiber 6520 O
6 BySprint Fiber 8020 O
7 BySprint Fiber 12020
8 BySmart Fiber 3015 X X
9 BySprint Pro 3015 X X X X X X
10 BySprint Pro 4020 X X X X

X    Available in combination with the corresponding laser cutting system
O    On request
*     Functionality in combination with ByTrans Cross only
**   Functionality in combination with ByTrans/ByTrans Extended only