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Fiber laser cutting without compromises

  • Full power: Whatever you cut in the future, the ByStar Fiber provides everything you need
  • The highest parts output and premium cutting quality right through to the high range of sheet thicknesses
  • A maximum degree of operating convenience and transparent process control thanks to the intuitive ByVision Cutting user interface
  • Unrestricted access to the cutting area from the machine’s long side


ByStar Fiber wdt_ID 3015 4020
حداکثر اندازه ورق 1 3000 × 1500 mm 4000 × 2000 mm
حداکثر سرعت موقعیت یابی بصورت پیوسته 2 169 m/min 169 m/min
واحد کنترل دستی و عملیات ByVision cutting 3 X X
محیط قطر دایره ی بازوی چرخشی 4 30–315 mm 30–315 mm


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