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Perfect bending results thanks to the right tools. Original tools from Bystronic are capable of unleashing the full potential of the machine’s characteristics, in order to ensure that your parts are always bent with utmost precision.

  • comprehensive range of original bending tools, available for a variety of clamping systems
  • flexible and versatile
  • outstanding quality and a long service life thanks to manufacture using high-strength tempered 42CrMo4 steel with deep inductive hardening to between 58 and 62 HRC
  • high level of productivity thanks to reduced non-productive time of the press brake
  • the most important information is engraved on the surface of the tool
  • recyclable packaging: environmentally friendly and a high level of protection during transport
  • fast delivery
  • optimal harmonization between the press brake and the tool, thanks to the provision of all the relevant bending data for the software
  • Bystronic manufacturer warranty


wdt_ID New column Type XPT Type RF-A Type Euro-B Type 3-P Type R
1 Xpert 40 & 80 X X X
2 Xpert X X X
3 Xact Smart X X X X
4 Xcite X X X
5 Xpert Tool Changer X
6 Mobile Bending Cell X X
7 Bending Cell X
8 Hämmerle 3P X

Moreover, if beyond this you require special tools for special applications, Bystronic is also the right partner for you. Bystronic designs, manufactures, and delivers – quickly and reliably.

Our tool specialists will be pleased to assist you!


Bend Solver App

We also invite you to try out our Bystronic Bend Solver app for the calculation of your bending parameters. The Bend Solver illustrates the complex calculations using easily understandable visualizations. Depending on the material and its thickness, it provides you with information about the required bending force, the box height, the upper tool height, the lower tool opening, the radius, and the minimum flange length. In addition, you can check which bending machine you can use for the job.